stills at Gallery 924

An exhibition of my recent paintings will open March 7th at Gallery 924 in Indianapolis.  It is a beautiful space, and I am really excited about the work that I'll be showing there. Here are photos of a few last minute paintings...just finished in time to include in the show.

Indy Eleven

My work is included in this exhibition at the Harrison Center for the Arts. The show features soccer-inspired artwork by 11 Indianapolis area artists. Here as an image of my painting, mercator's hat trick. I based the painting on the idea of skinning a soccer ball and flattening it out, like a map of the earth.

new work

I've added some new paintings to the work section of the website.  More to is a studio shot of a new painting called synchysis (on the left and upside down in this picture) and as yet untitled painting in progress.

two commissions

I recently had the pleasure of completing two commissions for local collectors. It was a rewarding and fun challenge to re-visit the two earlier paintings of mine that the commissioned works were based on.

This is an image of a 36" x 72" painting based on overcranking.  The image below is of a triptych of 30" x 30" panels inspired by my painting muzzle.


I've been working on a re-design of my site,getting closer to being happy with it.  I'll edit images of this summer's group of new paintings and add them to the work section of the site the meantime here are a few studio shots.

working, process

A new 4' x 3' painting:

and a detail:

The painting is one of a group of new paintings based on drawings informed by manipulated this case, the source image was an old photograph of a ferris wheel that I found on Flickr Commons...I altered the image in Photoshop...

                                altered                                                                             source

..and worked up some drawings that were in the spirit of the digital sketch:

The paintings are elaborations of the ideas in the sketches.  I'll post more images of the related paintings and drawings soon.